Simple management for sensitive data

Data rules are complicated

Remove the complexity of managing your data rules with an intuitive platform to for data access, usage, and metadata restrictions. 

Applied data rules

Take your rules out of documents. Apply them directly to your data.

Data Lineage

Where data lives, where it’s from, how it’s changed.

Simple interface

Filters and checkboxes, not SQL and data objects.


Manage access, based on sourcing and use cases.


Partition data based on criteria of your choosing.


Simple version management for teams with different use cases.


Real-time transparency for evolving legal/regulatory needs.

Collaborative management

Works for any team. Flexible to fit organizational workflows.

System of record for data use cases

Easily map the maze of rules regarding: regulatory, legal, organizational, business unit, data collection method, data records, data elements, use case application, and more. 

Simplify the collaboration  between business, technical, and compliance teams.

Compliance and data value shouldn't be opposed

Democratize your data assets

Fully operational for any business stakeholder with minimal technical requirements. Eliminate the inertia from misaligned data responsibilities.

Design data rules for everyone

Flexible, intuitive, visual-based, so that all stakeholders can fully understand. Designed around business use cases, not database structures.

Simplify your governance process

Enablement tech for your data usage needs: ingest mapping, cataloging, lineage/sourcing, dynamic data restriction, rights/usage access, compliance insight, versioning/segmentation, output management, and more.

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